6 days in Chicago!

Hi travelers!

This has been amazing to follow world trips for the ninth week and now it´s time to reach the first Top 10!  I did not want to miss being included in the list, so i want to share the best travel i have ever been to in my life, 6 days in Chicago, six days in the windy big city! Here we rock!!!

224276_6506266202_9499_nInside Hi ChicagoHotel. Picture by Counselors Chicago ´07


Inside Hi ChicagoHotel. Picture by Counselors Chicago ´07

What it makes Chicago so memorable? It was for me not exactly the strees, tall buildings or the very nice transportation system alone, but to be there with almost forty of the best people in the world in an exchange service camp program that set it too high the city´s reputation as a dream destination in the United States. The windy city hosted all of our enthusiasm, energy, attitudes, cultures and was the center of the world for us all, as we shared the grace of life and time for being truly world citizens, friends just met back in May 23rd ´07!

208335_5510604615_5981_nBuckingham Fountain. Picture by Counselors Chicago ´07

Who we are? International Counselors attending Camp Program in the USA for summer ´07 (picture above was taken in August when summer had already finished in the cloudy Chicago though!). We came and gathered from everywhere around the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, South and Central America. We all can tell all of our camp experiences like treasures!

224216_6506286202_842_nInside Hi ChicagoHotel. Picture by Counselors Chicago ´07


Inside Hi ChicagoHotel. Picture by Counselors Chicago ´07

What made our adventure so incredible, i think, was the fact that we met the firts time for training, fun and learning about the camp program itself; that took the first three days. It was a great time at Hi Chicago in 24 East Congress Parkway. The place is perfectly located close to some of the main touristic attractions: Millenium Park, Buckingham Fountain, Cloud Gate and the train passed by us so we could see it from the windows… and hear it too! PS: I had never been to a hotel like that before, they made me do the dishes! Waking up to a new fun world, as i saw my best friend doing the same thing, i just had fun on it!


Inside Hi ChicagoHotel. Picture by Counselors Chicago ´07

It was a great time to get to know each other, tell about our countries, foods, music, likes and how life is like in each of our first places. As part of the training, playing made an important role of our Camp Counselors qualifications… and it could just not be more fun for any of us, laughing was our HI-sign!, we were creating the international kindred we all now hold with absolute joy in our souls, hearts and minds! Oh My Goodness, what a time…

Soon, Buckingham Fountain became our closest favorite place to go at all free times. There was also a Walgreens store where we were advised to shop and the walk around the hotel was also very impressive, the tall buildings and their décor made us feel the city´s atmosphere and style. Big and fancy cars were in the streets making the show and breaking up the party, Chicago was showing us the hip-hop sound in its very original essence!


City night view. Picture by Counselors Chicago ´07


View from Science Museum, Picture by Counselors Chicago ´07


Science Museum. Picture by Counselors Chicago ´07


Chicago River´s bridge. Picture by Counselors Chicago ´07

After we attended the camps we were assigned to go, we returned to Chicago and the story was to be continued. We all had so much to tell, so much to give, so much to show and three more days was that time to do it! During those last three days we really enjoyed more being together (my english had improved a lot then, you know!). We sang, went throuhg the city, went shopping, walked out in the night and the program organizers, Makr and Jon, showed us the city: Museum of Science and Industry, Navy Pier, Sears Tower and more, i might miss some important place though! Life turned into a carnival full of colors, from all the memories and experiences we all could not keep in silence, it was time to be open and let all know that we had an amazing time at each place we spent summer at! I highly recommed two places to visit: Chicago Bulls house and 7/11 at midnight along with a girl from Thailand, a guy from Madigascar and a girl from Estonia to have donuts, it will never dissapoint!

Three days were never enough, one by one and slowly, we had to say good bye and give ourselves a long lasting so long. No other travel could finish better: hugs, laughs, tears, notes, pictures and every single expression of emotion was in the scene, the last act had finished. But we are all ready for another one, no matter how long it will take to make it together again, there we´ll be always willing!

222079_7485744812_3504_nSee you soon everyone!

See you on next trip!

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