Berlin, Germany!

Hi travel people!

I think I need to say WELCOME by the first time in English to A bordo o A pie… which is a lot exciting!

¡W E L C O M E    W O R L D    T R A V E L E R S!

Let me tell you quickly what we are up to: We started some weeks back from today looking for the best travel-blogs to share about them in one place, this blog! How amazing to think the best ones meet in one place, well, that´s what we are here for! And for those of you that still wonder what A bordo o A pie means?, it´s a statement to mention both and either you do travelling and places enjoying on board of any mean of transportation or by walking!

We write a lot in Spanish but this time there is an amazing and so complete travel experience to Berlin in English that we cannot just let it go! Through the pictures and stories shared by Gard and Nikki, a Norwegian man and a South African lady touring the world together, let´s go to Germany!

Berlin. Gard and Nikki. Apr 26 2013 Photo: Gard & Nikki

Through this coupled point of view there is a lot to do in the city and getting surprised is the constant feeling; Get around the place to Unter den Linden, the TV Tower – the Fernsehturm, the Holocaust Memorial – Holocaust Denkmal – and the Berlin Wall checkpoint among many other fun, rare and historic attractions and let on our blog-guides to care about how to get there and what to think of before planning to go, they´ve got what it takes to miss no details! Exactly and about this last mention, it is what´s the most incredible about this blog, to see how detailed it is on describing places, prices, means of transportation, shopping, restaurants and everything else (and when I write everything it means all that could be taken into account for any tourist!), that I wonder how long could nights become to talk and write about each day´s experiences, great job and thanks for sharing guys!

Either it´s been a while since your last visit or you´ve never been yet to, Berlin is a must-see in Europe and though there are no questions about it, this trip report will make us feel the place is no longer unknown to us after reading this complete trip review, after which the only question could be: is there any update coming soon?

See you on next trip!

A bordo o A pie